Looking for exclusive access to The Brewers Collective beers, events and culture?
 2017 Recruitment is officially CLOSED! Check back in 2018 for open spots!


Army membership includes:

  • 12 – Bombers of beer (22oz, glass) per membership year

  • Exclusive Skeleton Army 2017 16oz glass mug (all skeletons receive a 16oz pour of any TBC offering at the normal 12oz pour price) Free 4 ounces of additional beer with every pour in our tasting room!

  • 10% Discount on ALL other merchandise (non -liquid)

  • Dedicated secret Skeleton Army tap line

  • Free birthday pint AND flight during the month of your birthday

  • Personalized S.A. Membership Card

  • Exclusive invitations to S.A. only events and promotions throughout the membership year

  • Early access to all future bottle/can releases.

  • Priority re-enrollment for the 2018 Skeleton Army

  • Plus MORE surprises throughout the year

The cost of membership is just $149 for 1 year! Membership begins in February 2017.

Click the “Pay Now” button below to pay via Paypal or credit card (you do not need a Paypal account).  Thank you for your membership! Welcome to the army!  Glory to the Collective!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email us!


Want to know more?


What are the benefits of membership to the Skeleton Army?

Aside from all that is listed above (plus some sweet surprises not yet mentioned) you will be helping The Brewers Collective to grow and expand by providing us with upfront capital that we will use to pay our remaining operating and production costs as we finally open our doors (it’s been a very expensive journey so far!) You will single handily help your local economy by supporting a local small business dedicated to putting out an outstanding product.

This is your beer club right? Why is it called the skeleton army?

Read all about the real  skeleton army…its a good fit for us don’t you think? Plus it sounds much cooler than “beer club”, also it’s much more than just a club. You’ll see!

When are you guys opening? I need beer!

Glad you asked! We are opening our tasting room in early 2017!  You will be receiving all the details of our opening soon via email and all of our social media channels.

When does my membership begin?

The 2017 Skeleton Army membership will begin in February 2017 and will be valid for one year.

What’s the deal with the mug?

The mug is an exclusive vessel for use in our tasting room and for your personal use outside of it.  The mug, when used in our tasting room, entitles the skeleton to 16oz of beer of any Brewers Collective offering currently on tap (excluding guest taps).  Our standard pour is 12oz and the price may vary from beer to beer, but the skeleton shall receive 16oz of that beer at the same price regardless of style! (I know, it’s awesome!) Please note that you will NOT have to bring your mug to the tasting room to receive the 16oz pour, we will have 16oz cups available.

Is Skeleton Army recruitment on going or is it limited?

Recruitment will be ongoing until we reach our maximum number of skeletons.

This would make such a great gift! How do I sign up all of my friends and family?

We agree, it’s like the gift that keeps on giving, all year long!  You can sign them up using the pay link and enter in their particulars (name, email, DOB) but use your own method of payment at check out. Want it to be a surprise? Email us at: skeleton@thebrewerscollective.com and we’ll make it happen.

I still have so many questions! What do I do?

Email us at skeleton@thebrewerscollective.com we will answer you promptly!

The Fine Print (Terms and Conditions)

  • You must be 21 year or older to join the Skeleton Army, no exceptions. Valid proof of ID and Skeleton Army Membership card must be presented in the tasting room to receive your Skeleton Army benefits.
  • The 2017 Skeleton Army begins February 1, 2017 and ends January 31, 2018.
  • The birthday benefit entitles the skeleton to a free pint AND flight any day that we are open to the public the month of their birthday.  You must consume both the pint and flight on this day.
  • All bottles and other merchandise must be picked up from our Bay Shore tasting room (1460 North Clinton Avenue, Unit C). We are not permitted to ship any beer in accordance with New York State Liquor Authority code. While our membership is not limited to NY residents only, if you are out of state you must be able assign a designee to pick up your allotments in the proper time frame, that designee must be over the age of 21 and we must be notified of his/her name in advance to picking up any product. (Email to: Skeleton@thebrewerscollective.com to make arrangements)
  • Benefits of membership are for the card holder only and cannot be shared. You must present your Skeleton Army ID card along with a valid picture ID each time you are in the tasting room.
  • All membership sales are final, TBCBC will not issue refunds.  If you cannot keep your membership (moving away, etc) you will be granted a one time transfer of membership.  You must notify of this transfer (via email or in person) and provide the name, email and DOB of the new skeleton.  That designated skeleton must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Our bottles, beer and merchandise are for YOUR personal use.  You may not resell in a retail capacity any beer or merchandise you receive as a benefit to the skeleton army.  Any skeletons found in violation of this will immediately forfeit their membership and any future membership.
  • The care and storage of the 2017 Skeleton Army Mug is the responsibility of the skeleton.  They are a limited run and we may not have extras to replace the mug (at your cost). Skeletons will receive a 16oz pour regardless of whether or not they bring their mug to the tasting room.
  • The Brewers Collective Beer Company reserves the right to terminate your membership to the Skeleton Army at any time and for any reason we find you to be in violation of these rules or any other methods of gross misconduct.  In some cases, TBD solely by TBCBC you may receive a refund for the amount of your membership minus the retail price of any benefit already received as part of the Skeleton Army membership.