The Brewers Collective

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    The Brewers Collective

    About Us

    We are a small independent brewery in Bay Shore NY that is 100% collectively owned and horizontally structured. We are a true collective in name and spirit.

    Our Beer

    We brew a constantly changing variety of beers - from stouts to sours, we enjoy brewing classic standards as much as we enjoy pushing the envelope with new styles or new takes on traditional recipes. We are the the first brewery on Long Island to specialize in herbal ales.

    Contact Us

    For questions, information or pseudo-intellectual conversation please mail

    The Brewery

    All of our beer is produced in-house on our 3-barrel electric system. Using an electric system enables us to create our beer with greater efficiency and lower emissions than other setups would allow. A small system such as ours also allows us to be more agile in the styles we produce if we choose to do so.

    We are currently not open to the public, but are working hard towards an October 2016 opening. Expect a unique experience in both flavor and atmosphere.

    Current Beers

    Collectively owned. Fiercely independent.