Our Story

We are Joe, Mike, Dan, Matt, Terry, Tim, Brad, Jason, and Sarah – a.k.a “The Nine”. Founded in 2007 as a private home brew club, we began by sharing equipment, ideas and techniques. This led to communal brew sessions, competitions and events. Backyard tastings graduated into invites to pour at some of Long Island’s premiers craft […]

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Our Beer

The beers we brew reflect the eclectic spirit of The Brewers Collective. From IPA, Stout, & Hefeweizen, to Gruit & Sour.

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Our Mission

Let’s face it: It seems altogether possible that did The Brewers Collective not exist, no one would have invented us. The launching of another Nanobrewery on an island widely assumed to be a bastion of craft beer at first glance looks like a work of supererogation, rather like publishing a royalist weekly within the walls of Buckingham […]

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Our Thoughts

We are a very lively & opinionated group of brewers who probably take craft beer way too seriously. As such, we’ve created this forum as an outlet to share our deepest thoughts with you, our most loyal and rabid supporters. Super secret password protected… shhhh… Enter here if you dare!

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